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Santa, Where Are You Kids Christmas Song Super Simple Songs

Christmas is a time for all ages to celebrate around the world. So, kids will love to sing to this great selection of the top Christmas video songs. The kids Christmas songs are great for singing along, watching or performing at school, kindergarten, preschool, kids Christmas concerts and at home.

Santa, Where Are You | Kids Christmas Song | Super Simple Songs

Some kids fly into a fit of rage when they get the wrong LOL doll under the Christmas tree. The kid at the centre of this classic (who is actually grown man/novelty songsmith Donald Yetter Gardner) simply wants the ability to bite down on a Christmas cookie. This kid/grown adult is a treasure. There are many versions of this classic out there, so pick your flavor, be it in the form of Alvin & the Chipmunks or the fabulous RuPaul.

Christmas songs are meant to be simple and fun for everyone. Not everyone is a seasoned musician who can follow along with complicated lyrics that cover a range of deep topics, so make sure anyone can follow along.

Standard 4/4 time signatures are preferred for Christmas songs. You might be able to get away with some eighth-note based time signatures like 12/8 every now and then, but whatever you choose, make sure people can follow along. The simpler it is, the more people can join in.

The most popular Christmas songs all have one thing in common: they have a catchy melody. Catchy melodies make it impossible for people to resist singing along. Avoid sitting on one pitch for too long and include simple, stepwise movements that people can easily follow. Writing a great melody will make the difference between a happy singalong around the Christmas tree and strumming your guitar in the corner while people sip eggnog quietly.

Carols and Carolers is a simple matching game. One one slip of paper, put the name of a famous Christmas song, and on the other slip, write the artist who originally sang or is most known for singing the song. Then, put the slips into a bowl and have each guest draw a slip. The folks with the songs must pair up with the folks with the correct singer, and will chat for a couple of minutes.

Here is a list of classic, easy Christmas songs that you can learn on the piano to have everyone singing along and joining in the magic of the season. For many of the songs listed, you can even find simple, free sheet music or piano arrangements online to help you learn to play as well. 041b061a72


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