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Elijah Evans

The Ultimate War Game Package: Men of War: Assault Squad - Game of the Year Edition with All DLCs and Addons for PC

it can be found on steam and its free. the mod also offers a huge list of updates and features that will be added to the game in the near future. its a huge mod. a huge undertaking. it is however a mod that anyone that is playing men of war: assault squad can enjoy.

Men of War: Assault Squad - Game of the Year Edition download for pc [addons]

to be fair, you can expect a lot more in terms of content, especially in the near future. much more of it than what you can see in the screenshot above, that is for sure. weve already made more than we ever imagined, and the time its taken to make this mod has been well worth it. were really looking forward to adding more to it.

i hope that you enjoy it, and if you know someone that enjoys playing men of war: assault squad, tell them about it. its a fun game and its something that anyone that is into strategy games will enjoy. 

if you like tactical warfare and are looking for a game with good graphics, game balance and multiplayer, check out men of war: assault squad. it features over 50 different factions, over 1000 units, and about 100 unique maps. the mod is completely free, and its well worth a try.

the game mode is called battle royale and is much like the original battle royale mode in the game. the only difference is that this is a free-for-all mode, so its not against the rules, and anybody can join at anytime. the gameplay is exactly the same, but the game mode is different in that the game is persistent. you can build villages and research upgrades, and that will affect the game. its also balanced fairly well, and you can try out the game right away.

the game is also set in america, and in a alternate timeline where the war never ends. there are over 50 different factions, and it is a very large mod, complete with single-player and skirmish modes. the game also has a 3d engine, which means the game can be played from a 3d point of view. theres something for everyone.


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