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Elijah Evans
Elijah Evans

The Tao Of Sexology The Book Of Infinite Wisdom Free Download

For both men and women, the true meaning of compatibility is explained as well as face-reading techniques that prevent conflict (no, body-language reading is not involved). A completely safe, side-effect-free, reversible-at-will, no-cost birth control method is explained. Secret time-tested and simple rules that strengthen a family unit are revealed. So is a surefire technique that overcome exhaustion and tight schedules to strengthen the bond between a couple. Secret techniques that increase child intelligence, wisdom, health, etc. are revealed.

The Tao Of Sexology The Book Of Infinite Wisdom Free Download


Patrick L.:I purchased your book "The Tao of Sexology" a number of months back and found both the book and topics of Taoism extremely interesting. One element that I found particularly interesting was the practice of the male deer exercises; both phase one and two. The book makes the assertion that upon ejaculation the body loses a tramendous amount of energy and nourishment and that by adopting Taoistic sexology one can reinvigorate the endocrine system, infuse chakra energy centers from the base chakras to the crown chakra as well as turn white hairs back to their original pigmentation. After months of practicing these methods I have experienced everything that the book has mentioned. The one aspect that I'm not sure about is whether or not this formerly depleted energy resource that is now being reincorporated will eventually restore my few white hairs that have been unfortunately multiplying in recent years.... I have observed a number of seemingly new red colored hairs which could be the primary stage of recoloration or they simply may have existed previously before I started scrutinizing each aberration after I initiated these exercizes.


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