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Federal law requires Internet service providers to report information to a cyber hotline of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Virginia upon becoming aware of pornography that involves minors, the DA said. The center then reports this information to law enforcement officials.

The defendant allegedly told law enforcement officials he had downloaded child pornography images with the intention of selling them for cash, the DA said. He is alleged to have told police he has been obtaining pornographic photos of children from the Internet for years, Brown said.

If you go to online spaces popular with teenagers, you'll find plenty of smart, funny, charming material. And without much effort, you'll probably also find things that would make the most liberal parents cringe.

ULABY: Take this game, on The website attracts over 2 million visitors each month, most of them teenaged boys. The animated game invites players to sexually humiliate a popular singer and ends with a do-it-yourself snuff film.

It's easy for teens and pre-teens to access hardcore images of sex and violence that would have been hard for adults to find 20 years ago. Some of it, on internet advertising, blindsides kids like 15-year-old Angela Black.

Ms. ANGELA BLACK (Teenager): Pop-ups come up sometimes, and it's just like, you know, delete. That's all you've got to do. And that's all I do because that's disgusting, like porn stuff, that's nasty.

ULABY: Technology is crucial to most teenagers' social lives. Many feel liberated by their relative online anonymity and experiment without much sense of repercussions, says Kathy Winn, who directs educational research for a Canadian group called the Media Awareness Network.

ULABY: Hutchinson says, nowadays, the technological sophistication of teenagers means parents have lost their historic advantage of being the first to know how to use the tools. Cell phones, Playstations and portable media devices all are employed by teenagers to exchange and store images, music and videos in ways that don't always occur to their elders.

Ms. WINN: I guess what showed me the naivety of parents was we had boys who were 13 telling us that they'd been through their pornography stage when they were 11. They'd been there, done that. Now, they were more mature. They were past that. And then we had parents telling us that they had very open dialogue with their children but they hadn't talked to them about pornography on the internet because, you know, their kids were 14 or 15 and they felt that they were too young.

Professor Jane Brown is a principal investigator for a study on teen media funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. She points out this onslaught of sexualized media comes at a moment over pitched battles sex ed in schools.

ULABY: Teenagers do not respond identically to media messages, says Susannah Stern, so there's no one way to help guide them. She says adults must make clear their interest is not in removing teenagers' autonomy, but in helping them develop their own internal controls.

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