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[X-PLANE 11] SSG B747-8 Series V1.7 Generator Online

However, there are two factors which can dramatically affect how much room you have for customizing a different cockpit view. The first is the number of windows you are able to add to your aircraft. The more of your plane's fuselage you place outside the virtual cockpit screen, the more of your view you can add. Second, and this is where the coming compatibility with Group flight comes into play, the more you have of your aircraft's fuselage outside the cockpit view, the less you will have of your aircraft in the X-Plane world. So, for example, the above B747-8 has nearly 5,000 additional pixels that are visible in the front of the aircraft.

[X-PLANE 11] SSG B747-8 Series V1.7 generator online


Finally, there is one aircraft for which you are truly restricted in providing choices to the cockpit view, the Boeing 757 and Boeing 757-2. This aircraft appears in X-Plane with its Windows Pilot and its Windows Co-pilot being the only two views that are supported. With X-Plane 11, both the Windows Pilot and the Windows Co-pilot can be placed in virtual cockpits.

In order to make the most of the full-view option for the Boeing 757 and Boeing 757-2, you will have to adjust your aircraft's fuselage. With the Boeing 737 and Boeing 757, this adjustment is just a matter of placing them on the ground, but with the Boeing 757 and Boeing 757-2, this change means placing them into the X-Plane world.

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