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Sylenth Osx WORK

Ok so I was using an demo version of Sylenth1 because I wanted to try it out. After buying it. I open the DMG and the PKG file opens. It shows me which HD I want to install on ( which obiviously it will need to be installed on the internal HD of the mac, Really stupid ) AND you can't CHOOSE exactly where it goes nor does it show you WHERE its going. I keep opening it up after I deleted all my old sylenth files from my mac and open up Logic 9 and it STILL shows the demo which im confused because i thought I just deleted it. I deleted everything from the finder that says sylenth or anything related. And this still happens. I hate mac and I want to throw it against the !@#$en wall because if this was a PC this would take 2 seconds to do and everytime I try to do something on a mac its always a struggle. Can someone tell me where it goes or where I can find the old sylenth files to delete them?

Sylenth Osx

i got jbridge sent to me 5 hours after i bought it not 48! it was in my junk mail and i didnt notice! this is not junk at all! joao has been helpful and i really recommend this too anybody in need of it. i am using sylenth1 in ableton live 9 and it is working like magic! FINALLY I CAN GET THINGS DONE!!!! i am so happy now thanks a million joao! ?

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thanks, the download link is working now, but there is another issue, when i try to open sylenth1 on fl studio it starts loading then crashes, it happens everytime i try to open can i fix this? 350c69d7ab


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